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Professional Business Translation Services

Certain translation projects require highly skilled translators with specialised knowledge. Examples could be technical, legal, engineering projects or simply to comply with external regulations and standards.

At Language Translation Services, our professional language translators possess advanced education and/or expertise in a variety of fields, offering comprehensive business translation services. Our translators are handpicked based on their specialty areas and individually assigned to our corporate clients based on the industry expertise that is required. This ensures that they understand the original text, correctly handle terminology and write in the appropriate style for the required industry or field. We pride ourselves on working with some of the most experienced specialists in order to offer business translation services you can count on.


At Language Translation Services, all our translators and project managers are bound by commercial confidentiality and corporate non-disclosure agreements. This ensures that we are sensitive to the classified nature of industry designs and strategies. We are also happy to sign your non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. 

Our project managers are known for providing outstanding service and will work with you one on one, project after project. We translate each project with all the cultural sensitivity required when working with other languages. 


Whether you are a not-for-profit, government organisation or a small business we have you covered with our comprehensive translation services and solutions. 

Types of Documents

  • Marketing translations & localisation
  • Brochures, flyers, pamphlets, business cards
  • Product catalogues
  • Product packaging/product labeling
  • Occupational health and safety manuals
  • Information and fact sheets
  • Reports, statistics, market research data
  • Contracts
  • Policy and procedures
  • Legal translations
  • Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Exhibition materials
  • Business plans
  • Instruction manuals and user guides
  • Import/export documentation
  • HR training material (internal and external)
  • Financial reports
  • Articles, press releases
  • Writs, statements
  • Annual reports
  • Patents
  • Testing reports
  • Websites
  • Copywriting
  • Survey and questionnaires

We assign all of our clients a project manager to look after each individual project. This ensures that your translation project is given the attention to detail that it requires.

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Our mission is to provide world-class, certified translation services to all our clients. We strive for absolute excellence in our work and customer service. Our project managers take an active role in our translation quality control processes and our language translators strive to produce professionally translated documents.


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Our team carries out professional document and language translation services for all types of industries and project sizes.

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